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December 26, 2009

About Me

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I might as well start working on this page. Enough people seem to be clicking on my face to get to it. Here goes.

I was born in 1990 into a typical suburban lifestyle in Houston, Texas (Cypress, Texas, to be precise). I spent my childhood here. [blah blah blah]

When I was twelve, the family moved to Austin, Texas. [blah blah blah]

Update several years later

Well, I certainly never got around to updating this page, did I? Suffice it to say, I’m now a 24 year old, white, working class, cisgender, male that currently resides in Austin, Texas. I recently graduated from Texas State University at San Marcos with what amounts to an ECE degree (they call it a BSEE with Comp. E. emphasis) and an “average” amount of student loan debt (you don’t want to know what “average” is these days). Put simply: I like electronics and have a penchant for design verification/testing. And random number generators. Yeah. My senior design project was all about them. MAN they are a pain in the ass to get right… Anyway!

While I spent several years earning an engineering degree, my less formal background has been on the software side of things. I started with HTML and Pascal as a kid around the age of 8 or so. Around the age of 11 or so, I discovered GNU/Linux and it grew on me over time to eventually become my full time OS around 2003 when I was 13 years old. As a teenager, I gravitated toward Java. Javax.swing was my friend and I loved making crappy GUIs. At the start of my long, bumpy, college career, I spent a little over a year doing GNU/Linux systems administration for LLC and picked up pieces of bash and perl scripting. I’ve tried to keep up with the sys-admin/devOps type of stuff since then; it’s always a nice skill to have. Throughout my later time in college, I was exposed to C and C++, and tried to build up my Perl-fu. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m basically throwing myself headfirst into Modern Perl, as well as C programming with autotools.

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