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August 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G

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I’ve had the same phone for several years now: the original G1 phone from Google, used on the T-Mobile network. As it has aged, I’ve never been able to find a decent replacement phone, namely one that has a physical qwerty keyboard. Yes, the Droid series is nice, but I am with T-mobile and don’t have several hundred dollars to spare on buying the device outright. Blackberrys are a predominantly business item with relatively poor app selection and development compared to the android ecosystem. T-mobile’s most recent keyboard phone, the myTouch Q, has specs that are in the same league as my current G1. And so I’ve been content to flash Cyanogenmod and the tiny Google bundle onto the G1 instead.

Now there’s rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G that will be coming to T-mobile. Different sites have had bits and pieces of info on supposed specs, but I believe I’ve stumbled across official documentation –or at least where the official documentation would be– on the t-mobile website. If one searches for “relay 4g” in the search box on this site, three documents show up, all of which say I am unauthorized to view them, even after registering for an account. But one in particular has the typical “preview” text below the link: “Specs & features: Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G.” By tweaking the search parameters I was able to get different “previews” of the document and hastily started scribbling the specs. Many of the words were pushed together without spaces using this method; I’m assuming this is an artifact of the way t-mobile’s search functions (it appears to spit out pages line by line, regardless of categorization on the page with multiple columns). Sadly, after cross-referencing this page regarding specs for the Galaxy S III, it seems that the specs I had been hastily scribbling down using the “preview” from the search were really just those of the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S III’s page is probably just being used as a placeholder until someone from t-mobile actually updates that link with the Relay’s specs.

Nevertheless, I’ll be keeping an eye on that page, because this sounds like a really good replacement for the G1.