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February 5, 2011

I Wish I Was in Colorado – Artist Unknown

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This song has seen its share of abuse. Tossed about, little to no metadata, from player to player. From cd to ipod to creative zen to computer to another generic mp3 player bought at Wal-Mart. How long have I owned it? Since senior year at least (2007 or 2008), at a time in my life when I thought living the life in Denver was the best thing that could happen to an 18 year old boy. I’m older now, but I have ritualistically scoured the internet for references of the lyrics. Google, Yahoo, pick your poison: not one yielded results. Perhaps I simply suck at Google. I don’t think so.

I feel as though I’ve robbed this artist (perhaps “these” artists) of well-due recognition. For years, I’ve selfishly carried this song from platform to platform, hard disk to flash memory and back, never once making good on the promise to upload it and spell out the lyrics. The time has come to let the world remember this artist, whoever he may be.

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I Wish I was in Colorado

Heading down the road tonight
Up ahead of the city lights
I think about the mountains

You made me feel so fine
underneath the Boulder sky
But we knew we couldn’t stay together

I would be there if I could
Falling in love’s never understood

I wish I was in Colorado
instead of only in my dreams
I wish I was in Colorado
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

A lot of faces come and go
Another town another show
It’s got me feeling so blue

Snow is really coming down
in a little Texas town
It all reminds me of you

There’s a feeling inside of me
I think you know just what I mean

I wish I was in Colorado
instead of only dreams
I wish I was in Colorado
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

[insert awesome instrumental jamming here]

I wish I was in Colorado (Colorado, Colorado, Colorado…)

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