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April 8, 2009

Run-in With a Cop

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Just a quick little reminder to self: over-zealous patrolmen are the most annoying form of police officer –scratch that, they aren’t deserving of the title “officer,” they’re “cops”– you can ever have a run-in with. Anyway…

I was walking around town tonight (0100 about), nothing better to do. I got to a point where there is a dinky little park, about the size of a typical suburban backyard. Every last part of it is visible from the street, with the exception of about 6 feet that are behind some trees. The trail going through this park has a bridge going over the creek. I like standing at this bridge and just watching the water flow. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the extra 25 meters to the bridge.

Right as I walked into the park, I was hit with bright lights and the search light. I pulled out my headphones, wondering who thought this was funny. Turns out, it’s a cop that was apparently parked in the parking lot not 4 meters from the grass in this park. Yep, an officer with nothing better to do than stop joggers and other pedestrians.

He informs me, in a haughty tone, that the park closes at 1000 and then demands to know if I live here. I answer, making sure to placate this poor soul’s ego with the typical “yes sir”. I tell him that I have never had a problem with walking around these parks all year. Rather than being respectful and just asking me to leave or even have any kind of discourse whatsoever, he goes straight to his hardball: “I’ll warn you the first time but the next time I see you you get a ticket,” in that snide authoritative tone.

Now, it was kind of hard not to poke fun at this fella. I was very tempted to get into a bigger argument with him, but thought better of it. “Salute smartly and press on” essentially. I mean, there’s no sense in playing a game with someone who has no concept of the rules. So I just continued walking along the sidewalk instead, the sidewalk that at no point was further than 30 meters away from the trail in this park. Turns out, he decided to follow me for most of the rest of my walk.

I’ve dealt with this kind of behaviour before. The kind where they think they are being intimidating and powerful, but are really just making fools of themselves. I got it a lot back in Texas, and didn’t feel like stroking this man’s ego anymore. I turned around, smiled, and gave his vehicle a wave. He sped up past me and turned. Didn’t see him anymore after that.

Nothing more. Just a little update on an annoying cop, probably new to the force.

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