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April 8, 2009

Run-in With a Cop

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Just a quick little reminder to self: over-zealous patrolmen are the most annoying form of police officer –scratch that, they aren’t deserving of the title “officer,” they’re “cops”– you can ever have a run-in with. Anyway…

I was walking around town tonight (0100 about), nothing better to do. I got to a point where there is a dinky little park, about the size of a typical suburban backyard. Every last part of it is visible from the street, with the exception of about 6 feet that are behind some trees. The trail going through this park has a bridge going over the creek. I like standing at this bridge and just watching the water flow. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the extra 25 meters to the bridge.

Right as I walked into the park, I was hit with bright lights and the search light. I pulled out my headphones, wondering who thought this was funny. Turns out, it’s a cop that was apparently parked in the parking lot not 4 meters from the grass in this park. Yep, an officer with nothing better to do than stop joggers and other pedestrians.

He informs me, in a haughty tone, that the park closes at 1000 and then demands to know if I live here. I answer, making sure to placate this poor soul’s ego with the typical “yes sir”. I tell him that I have never had a problem with walking around these parks all year. Rather than being respectful and just asking me to leave or even have any kind of discourse whatsoever, he goes straight to his hardball: “I’ll warn you the first time but the next time I see you you get a ticket,” in that snide authoritative tone.

Now, it was kind of hard not to poke fun at this fella. I was very tempted to get into a bigger argument with him, but thought better of it. “Salute smartly and press on” essentially. I mean, there’s no sense in playing a game with someone who has no concept of the rules. So I just continued walking along the sidewalk instead, the sidewalk that at no point was further than 30 meters away from the trail in this park. Turns out, he decided to follow me for most of the rest of my walk.

I’ve dealt with this kind of behaviour before. The kind where they think they are being intimidating and powerful, but are really just making fools of themselves. I got it a lot back in Texas, and didn’t feel like stroking this man’s ego anymore. I turned around, smiled, and gave his vehicle a wave. He sped up past me and turned. Didn’t see him anymore after that.

Nothing more. Just a little update on an annoying cop, probably new to the force.

April 3, 2009

E-Days, Day One

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Forgive me if I’m misspelling anything, because I’ve just dropped down from drunk to buzzed. Anyway… E-Days is a celebration of engineering here at Mines. In other words, it’s the one weekend of the year where excessive partying is kinda expected. And boy do I have a story to tell. Half-buzzed, half-drunk, call it bunk, but I swear it’s all true.
I actually fell asleep about 4 hours before the night started. I almost decided to stay in bed and skip the night all together. THANK GOD I DIDN’T. Best decision I’ve made all semester. I forced myself to get up and hang out, against what my gut was telling me.
So I go to the firework show with the guys. Turns out the stadium is jam packed. I decided to head back to the dorms and grab my camera so I could instead film the show from a different spot further up in the mountains. It was a great show. Very impressed! Bright lights EVERYWHERE. Lots of BOOMS too.
I get back and we’re all just kinda waiting around, calling everybody to see where we could hang out and party. After half an hour (about) a place is found. We get there: “21 AND UP.” Well shit. Wait another 5 minutes. AHA! Another spot with a full keg. Awesome. We arrive and it is JAM PACKED. I mean, there were at least 25 of us jammed into less than a dorm room of space.
Now, normally, I would cringe at this kind of setup. I was kinda tempted to leave. But I ignored that moronic voice inside my head and watched as the others battled it out in beer pong. Not to mention, there were two chicks getting very hot and heavy not a meter away from me. And I don’t mean the usual attention whoring, I mean an all-out snogfest where the others really didn’t matter.
About 15 minutes later, one of my buddies finally managed to get a cup to me. I still don’t know what brew it was, but it was definitely better than any other I’d ever had. The kind that I might actually drink on a regular basis. And then the flip-cup games started. Somehow, I ended up being the only one left after eliminations. Yep. Chug chug chug!
Now, I never chugged too much. I’m not a big fan of puking, no matter how awesome the night is going 😛 But still, it was very entertaining. Surprisingly entertaining given my introverted nature. I never thought I’d be ENJOYING jam-packed, skin-on-skin crowds in dinky little rooms. But I liked the set-up none the less, even with all of the weed smoke circulating in the left half of the room. And no, I didn’t do any of that 🙂
I had a great time, and actually chit-chatted with a few different people. In particular, I chatted with a fella named Will. Electrical Engineer. Awesome fella 😛 Very drunk too. Inspired me to (cautiously) follow. Anyway, after more flip-cup and small-talk, I ended up leaving about five minutes early. I had to piss like none other.
Once we were all back together at the dorms, we ended up just sitting in the hall, chit-chatting and hanging with our awesome RA, who finally lightened up a bit and joined in the fun, entertaining us drunk and buzzed kids. But I wasn’t done. I was hungry. Turns out, some of the others were too. We enlisted –well, kinda conscripted– one of the sober hallmates to drive us to the Burger King. Came back, chilling, eating.
Now I’m finally ready to go to bed. I had no intention of even writing any of this. But then THIS happened: I enter my room, and find someone laying on my bed. At first I thought it was my roommate, that he and his chick had got in a fight or something. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that he and the woman were both in the same bed.
So… WHO THE FUCK was this other kid that was in my bed? I honestly had no clue what to do. I consulted two of my other hallmates, both of which were as astonished as I was. They persuaded me to get the RA, something I wouldn’t normally do and STILL didn’t want to, but this was some idiot that I didn’t even know. So the RA enters my room, and trys to wake this kid up.
Turns out, it’s some fella named Nick, who’s in the same room as me, only one floor UP. And I thought I was tilting towards drunk 😛 He was definitely out of it though. But the RA managed to convince him to get up and he got him back to his proper room.
YEAH… Once the RA got back, we laughed our ASSES off. It made the RA’s night. Hell, it made my night 😛 Just entering my room and wondering: WHO THE FUCK IS THIS KID? I can’t wait to go up and chat with him tomorrow. I still haven’t checked to see if he left any clothes on my floor or not. Would be a lovely way to strike up a new friendship: oh hey, here’s the shit you left in “your” room last night 😛

In conclusion, I got somewhere inbetween buzzed and drunk, closer to drunk but not too bad, and had quite the experience. And hell, this was only day one. We’ve still got ALL DAY tomorrow 😉 E-DAYS FTW!